The winery “Historical and avant-garde winery. Boutique winery and winery of large productions.”

Bodegas Casa de la Viña is one of the historical / pioneering wineries in the Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin. It is a chateau type winery with vineyards around the winery itself and which also has got vineyards in other locations. A part of the vineyards, of the Tempranillo variety, were planted more than 50 years ago and in the following decades we continued the planting of more Tempranillo and other varieties: Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Macabeo, Airén, Verdejo, ...

The winery brings together tradition and avant-garde methods: on the one hand, ancient jars together with recently acquired facilities and equipment; and on the other hand, the cares of the old artisan wineries and the use of the most modern processing techniques. In the winery there is a large ageing room for Crianza Wines with ideal humidity and temperature conditions together with stainless steel tanks for young wines. We produce great wines and also wines for every day. All are wines made with the same effort and dedication, both the small series almost handmade and large productions, and its reliability or quality consistency is assured.

It could be said that Casa de la Viña are two wineries in one: on the one hand, the boutique winery of the great wines and on the other hand the modern winery producing large volumes. IFS certified.

The visitor will enjoy the winery and the surroundings: the buildings are very nice old houses, a Manchego courtyard together with recent constructions, all perfectly harmonized. In Bodegas Casa de la Viña we will be pleased to welcome you.